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TEC Diving Courses

In the last decade technical diving has grown increasingly new techniques and modern equipment has been developed.

 Sidemount Tec : Sidemount was developed by cave divers in the 90’s in Florida in an effort to limit the weight but also to streamline themselves. They created this new technique where the harness allows you to have the tanks attached by slings on your side. This will keep you balanced and gives you a better possibility of movement. This technique is becoming more and more popular among Tec and recreational divers.

 Tec Diving :  Learn the standards of Tec diving and how it all began,  you will also learn how to use a manifold and  how to plan your decompression.

Further tek courses and instructor training available on open circuit and on diverse ccr on request please contact us for enquiries.

Tech Courses In Dibba

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