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Rec Courses


We offer the whole range of PADI courses from Discover Scuba Diving courses to the divers specialties. The aim of training is not only to gain more experience as a diver but  to learn new skills which will help you to enjoy more safe and rewarding diving.

 Discover Scuba Diving : this is a great introduction to the underwater world where you experience this magnificent environment fist hand. Your instructor walks you through the steps and usually most divers sign for an open water course after.

 Open Water Diver : Is the first level of diving. In this course you are taught the basic skills of diving so that you are able to dive with a buddy. The course is broken down into three parts: the theory which is done prior to the course, the pool sessions and the open water dives. It can be completed over a weekend or two depending on your schedule.

 Adventure Diver :  If you want to do a course but you are a bit short on time, then adventure dives are made for you. They are various adventures like deep, wreck, navigation, peak performance buoyancy, photography and more. They are not a specialty certification but can count toward your specialties.

 Advance Open Water Diver : It is the second level of certification. With this course you will learn more skills to enjoy diving and reach more sites as you will be able to dive to 30 meters deep. You need to complete five adventure dives. Deep and navigation are mandatory, but you can choose the three remaining adventures from naturalist to peak performance buoyancy, wreck or night.

 Rescue Course : Iit is a very interesting course, and among the most rewarding and fun ones to do. It teaches you how to respond to an emergency, or to a distressed diver underwater or on the surface. It is an essential skill to possess and in a situation of emergency it can make the difference. It is also important to participate regularly in rescue workshops to keep those skills sharp.

 Emergency First Response Provider : It aims at teaching you how to apply first aid and respond in case of emergency. It is a very interesting course to do, not only for diving related accidents but also for day-to-day life.  Should any of your loved ones be in trouble at home, you would know how to respond correctly and possibly save their life. It is also a key set of skills to have as it is compulsory part of the rescue course. The EFR course covers both CPR and secondary care.


Omani permit excluded to be paid cash on arrival.