Images of the creative photo workshop

Images of the creative photo workshop

In decembre 2014, we organized a creative photo workshop in Oman’s waters with Francis Le Guen. Here are some of the pictures made by the students & instructors…
A good exemple of the stunning biodiversity we experience everyday.


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    Your posting is very inspiring. It’s nice to see like minds such as my own. I too have written a novel and a screenplay in the thriller genre called Cheaters, Sinners and Saints. I will begin to push it this summer 🙂 My “business plan” for my book is geared towards getting my master’s degree and using my book as a foundation and then off to publishing it. My plan is also a two year plan and I think by reformatting it into a creative non-fiction auoaaiogrtphicbl anthology (that was a mouthful) I will succeed. Thanks!

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