Diving in


Nomad Ocean Adventures center is located in our guesthouse in Dibba. The air is certified and all our equipment is serviced regularly. The dive center is equipped with a state of the art blending station. Nitrox, and Trimix is available on request. You can rent your regular scuba equipment from us, as well as Tec twin tanks and wings, bail out tanks, two and three liter tanks rental for ccr’s and sofnolime.




Nomad has two speedboats, each seats 15 divers. Both boats are equipped with twin Yamaha four stroke engines of 250 hp.
The engine is regularly serviced, the boat features shade, seats with tank holders and easy exit ladders. Each boat is equipped with First Aid kits, 8-liter O2 tanks and a satellite phones.



Generally speaking the dives are drift dives, the boat picks up the divers at the end of every dive. Most dive sites are gentle slopes located around islands or headlands where the best diving can be found. Usually you can find hard corals within the first 10 meters, it then gradually fades to soft corals. In the Musandam you can find purple and blue whip corals, which are endemic to the region. For photographers the blue, purple and the emerald water of the Musandam provides an interesting contrast of colors, which can result in unique pictures that stand out from the regular diving photos.



Omani permit excluded to be paid cash on arrival.

* DIVES ARE unguided. If you wish a private guide please book one