Hello reader : some news from Musandam !


The north tip of the Musandam peninsula offers some of the most exciting diving in the region. Strong currents and clear water makes it a hot spot for large pelagic marine life such as leopard sharks, sting rays and the occasional whale shark. As diving is limited there, the sheer amount of life guarantees a unique experience, in particular for photographers.

To guarantee a unique experience for everyone, we will limit the number of spaces on our boat to 10 divers only. As we will have to leave the port very early in the morning, we require you to stay with Nomad in Dibba the night before.

Price per person: AED 800, which includes 1 night accommodation, dive permit, 3 dives (including Nitrox), dinner, breakfast and lunch on our boat. The minimum certification required is Advanced OW with Deep Certification. *


During the holy month of Ramadan we will only launch 2 speed boats per day:

Boat #1 - Musandam @ Dawn

The earlier the better … when it comes to diving in Musandam. Usually the water quality is the best early in the morning with better visibility and large pelagic marine life being more active. During the holy month of Ramadan we will offer a daily trip (Friday and Saturday), leaving early in the morning when the temperature is cooler and the water is clearer. This trip is only available to our customers who book their overnight stay the night before. We are usually planning to reach dive sites that are not dived as much during regular days and we will limit the number of divers per boat to 10 at a price of 750 per person

Boat #2 - Musandam @ Night

The second boat will be leaving every night from Dibba around 19:30. This will allow anyone who is fasting to break there fast  before leaving. This is an amazing opportunity to see unique nocturnal marine life  species, for photographers it is also a great chance to explore the macro life of Musandam which tends to be more active during nighttime. We will be doing two night dives on sites like Ras Marovi, Ras Lima and Wonder Wall. We will even explore dive sites like Octopus Rock at night, but that depends on current conditions. For the night dive we will provide an Iftar at nomad before we head out and a light dinner will be served on the boat. Price per person: AED 500. If you have not yet had the opportunity to explore the ocean at night, during Ramadan we are offering the PADI Night Diving specialty course at 1,400 AED per person, which includes study material and 4 night dives over two days, available Musandam.


Join us in Fujairah For our night inchcape 1 dives every 2 weeks starting from . ).

Nitrox and Deco gas mixes are available at the dive center and if you are certified max 6 divers per trip price per person 300 aed 


Dear Divers, we are continuously trying to improve our service. Here is the latest logistics update for our operations in Musandam: As of this month we require a 50% down payment for all Nomad bookings, this will allow us to improve our planning which will ultimately lead to an improved diving experience. Please always keep in mind that for all trips to Musandam you need your original passport & residency visa to cross the border in Dibba. If you dive with our dive center in Fujairah, we require you to bring your original Emirates ID card as this is a requirement by the UAE coast guard.

For all bookings, upon confirmation our team inform you about the time you need to be at the dive center in order to ensure a timely departure of our boats. We appreciate your understanding that boats cannot be delayed because of individual divers running late.